• I Am Expert in C++, Objective C, JQuery, HTML5, PHP, Silverlight, C#, VB, MVC

    and iPhone, Android, BlackBerry Mobile Apps, and Smart TV Apps.

    A Few of My Clients include:

    Miami-Dade Police Dept., Microsoft, Suzuki, Mellon Bank, Franklin Templeton, Toshiba, Universal Studios, MySpace.com, BriteStar, Ryder Systems, Quicken, Pepsi-Cola, McKesson, Abbott Pharmaceuticals

About Bill SerGio

Software Developer & GUI Expert

I am listed in Marquis Who's Who in America and Who’s Who in Advertising. I have been writing software since 1984 and I program in HTML5, C/C++, C# .NET, VB .NET, Silverlight, Java, Winsock, Web Sockets, SQL, and almost every language you can name.



Desktop, Web & Mobile Apps

I am a lot more han just a software developer. I designed software that makes companies money.   For example, if you want a mobile app let me add 50 HTML5 games I wrote to you app so people will use your app at least 10 hours a week which means more revenue for you.

He either fears his fate too much or his desserts are small who fears to put it to the touch to win or lose it all. - Montaigne


iPhone & Android

selected work

I can create an iPhone & Android App that you can give away or sell on an Infomercial. One one Infomercial I produced for a famous multi-billion online game got over 1,000 downloads of their game for every $1 of TV time on every station... 

UI & Web Design

selected work

SerGio wrote this amazing Geometry Engine &
CAD program. Bill SerGio's Geometry Engine is
a powerful and extensible framework that allows
you to easily add new figure types and features.
Calculates areas, angles, and Joist linear feet.... 

SEO & Cloud Expert

selected work

I have done SEO optimization for Microsoft's Search Website and for MySpace.com. 
I wrote the leading Cloud software called CloudGenie that connects you to all 5 major clouds.